25. October 2017

How the industry prepares for digitalisation

The ongoing digitalisation in retail is promoting the customer’s demand for satisfying their consumption needs anywhere and anytime. The commercial and real estate industry’s reactions to this are shown in the latest Retail Parks Report by MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement and it’s trusted partners Corpus Sireo, Dr. Lademann & Partner, GfK, Savills and TH Real Estate.

Brick-and-mortar forced to react

The most obvious consequences of the digitalisation on the retail parks manifest in the repercussions on the bricks-and-mortar trade caused by online trade. Currently, this asset class is (still) considered to be more resistant than other trade segments because it’s mostly food markets, drugstores and service providers who establish their businesses in retail parks, and their product and service ranges are hard to digitalise.

However, experts agree that also retail parks will not remain untouched by the digital revolution. Today’s challenge is to accompany the entire customer journey, beginning with the purchase interest and ending with the actual purchase, without loosing the customer on their way.

The new report provides approaches for retailers and operators of retail parks for mastering the digital revolution with the help of new technologies on the one hand and positioning strategies on the other hand.

Selected articles from the publication:

•Curses and blessings of digitalisation – How the customer changes the requirements on real estate.

•Tomorrow’s technology for today’s customers

•Mega-trends such as digitalisation as the basis for investors’ investment product development

•BIM for retail real estate

•Influences of digitalisation on regional planning, building law and permit issues

The new Retail Parks Report can be found online at: