20. August 2018

MEC receives order for refurbishment: Spitzkrug Multi Center gets a fresh look

The Spitzkrug Multi Center in Frankfurt (Oder) begins an extensive refurbishment at the start of August: Mall and entrances will receive a modern look with fresh colours and a new light concept. The quality of stay in the outdoor area will be improved. MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG was commissioned by the owner, which is advised by Alteris Capital Partners LLP of London, to modernise and redesign the location.

Redesign of the logo, facade and mall

The architectural appearance of the Spitzkrug Multi Center is now being completely modernised. Existing design elements, such as the burgundy of the colour strip at the main entrance, are taken up in order to implement a uniform colour scheme. The facades will be painted in bright white. This will create a uniform appearance of all facades and thus a pleasant environment.

The visual redesign starts with the Center’s logo, which receives a dynamic and modern look. The Center’s burgundy colour is used for the logo design.

The red band which is already found at the front of the building, will in future extend around the entire Center. The tenant logos will be uniformly placed on the red band. This will result in a harmonious overall appearance and better visibility of the tenant logos, even from a distance.

The five entrances are also a focus of the new exterior design. They will be enhanced with a red cladding that is lit at night and creates a warm atmosphere. The new logo will be placed prominently above the entrances and also be lit during the night.

The design concept of white and burgundy stripes is taken up in the interior area. The goal is to make the shopping street lighter and more friendly and to improve the quality of stay. For this purpose, stair-like ceiling cladding will be painted white above the shop fronts. As part of the new light concept, new lighting fixtures will be installed. The light strips will run in the middle of the entire shopping street as a fine, burgundy band. In addition, the tenant logos will be brought even more into the customer's field of vision through an adapted and uniform placement, and the clear passage height of the entrance areas of the shops will be significantly improved.

Outdoor area to be enhanced for families

During the redesign, much attention will also be paid to the outdoor area of the Center directly in front of the east entrance. The lawns will be completely renewed and revived by various grasses and surrounded by new, attractive paving. A play area with special playing equipment as well as additional seating facilities will create an enhanced quality of stay, especially for families.

The planning of the refurbishment has been underway already since MEC took over the management last year. In recent months, extensive refurbishment measures have already been initiated at the Center, in which more than 2.5 million euros were invested in roof refurbishment and technical building equipment.

The Spitzkrug Multi Center, which opened in 1993, has 25,000m² of selling space, making it the biggest shopping center in East Brandenburg. Since November 2017 the Center has been under the management of MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG. CENTIM Centermanagement- und Immobilienverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, which acts on behalf of MEC, is operationally responsible for the local center and technical property management.