Recent reference projects

With her centers MEC leaves footprints all over Germany. Find more details about the individual projects on the following pages.

Durlach Center Karlsruhe

Repositioning with a view to new neighbors

The Durlach Center is located on the eastern outskirts of Karlsruhe, in close proximity to the motorway A5. For some time now, new developments have begun to emerged in the catchment area of the established location. Because MEC has been responsible for the management of the center since 2011, the Centermanagement, Leasing and Development departments started thinking anbout a repositioning of the location at an early stage already and, since 2015, worked out a number of measures in a study. The result is the now planned expansion of the Durlach Center by approximately 2,500 m² on the east side of the building. more

ORO Schwabach

Shopping in Schwabach has a new name

For more than 40 years, the center at Falbenholzweg in Schwabach bore the name “huma Einkaufscenter”. At the end of May 2017, the new name “ORO” and the new logo were introduced at a major unveiling event. MEC has carried out a complete rebranding of the established center, which also includes the adaptation of the entire way finding system in the indoor and outdoor areas of the center. more

Förde Park Flensburg

Comprehensive modernisation planned after 20 years

Förde Park Flensburg was opened to the south of Flensburg city centre in 1996. The location has a total of almost 50,000 m² rental space, and is an urban shopping location of great importance. Its selection also exerts a significant attraction on the region, and on customers from across the nearby border in Denmark. The latter account for approx. 30% of visitors. This significance of Förde Park has been recognised by the City of Flensburg, which has defined the location in the municipal trade and retail zoning plan as one of three key points in the local trade and retail structure, and has selected it for further development. more

Einkaufspark Duckwitz

Revitalisation and conversion into a retail park

In the south of Bremen, around 5 km out of the city centre, there is a retail agglomeration dating back to the 1980s, which becoming increasingly obsolescent. The real estate enjoys excellent accessibility, and is a familiar retail location in the region. more

Kurpfalz Center Mannheim

Extension to a new retail park

The Mannheim district of Vogelstang has a new retail park. Since October 2013, the former Real hypermarket had been transformed into an attractive new retail park with 27 shops and six restaurants. The retail property at Spreewaldallee 38-40 had been completely revitalised, and now bears the name Kurpfalz Center. more

Indupark Center Dortmund

Area optimisation for a new tenant composition

A former Wal-Mart and presently a Real location in the middle of Indupark had been transformed into an attractive new retail park with the name “Indupark Center”. more