Center management: Increasing value and close to the customer.

Active center management teams onsite implement central technical and infrastructural property management services at a local level, and thus contribute to ensuring economic success. They plan, coordinate and monitor all necessary activities and the assignment of service providers. They ensure the maintenance of operational and functional capacity, as well as the security of the property. In addition, they also take care of the schedule planning and inspection of the personnel working in the property.

The second contribution to returns of the respective center management team consists in directing and controlling the local retail operation. Through their knowledge of the location, they make a major contribution to the development of the center in regard to the market and competition situation. They also achieve additional revenues through active mall commercialisation, and supply added value for the center customers. Contact with and provision of support to the tenants are further tasks of the center management.

Analysis & Marketing

In terms of marketing, MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement builds on individual concepts to position a center as a preferred shopping location. The center manager ensures the implementation of the marketing concept. In addition, we also chair the tenants’ associations. The center managers work closely with local partners such as the city administration, the press, and various associations.

On the basis of comprehensive market observation as well as analysis, and using customer surveys and tenant analysis, we develop location strategies and leasing concepts. The development of the location includes not only marketing and advertising initiatives, but also the determination of leasing requirements, and the possibilities for trade mix. Alongside analysis, the focus is on implementing appropriate measures in close collaboration with the leasing team.