Leasing services: Individual and location-specific.

In cooperation with the local center management team, the leasing department ensures the competitiveness of the location, and is thus able to open up further revenue potential. To this end, we take care of the ongoing development of the leasing concept, and securing new tenants in the case of expired tenancy contracts. The services profile also includes flanking measures connected with tenants moving into and out of the property.

MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement supplies comprehensive leasing services, including analysis, leasing concepts and implementation. Access to one of the largest portfolios of tenants and the collaboration of qualified and experienced leasing managers allow the structural adaptation of the range of tenants to meet local requirements, and hence to successively increase rental revenues. This comprehensive leasing service is frequently associated with the necessity of refurbishment, expansion or construction of a new location.

Outstanding leasing competence that can truly claim to be holistic characterises our leasing management services. When leasing a real estate property, our focus is not only on the portfolio of the investor, but also on the added value that our entire portfolio offers to sustain and increase revenues for the investors. Our leasing concepts form the basis for an effective and targeted process of acquiring tenants, from the international to the local scale. In the field of leasing and releasing, too, our extensive experience ensures the continuous optimisation of the tenant and trade mix. We conduct the leasing contract negotiations, right up to the point at which the contract is signed. Our standardised leasing contracts guarantee a high degree of calculability and reliability here.