Property management: Cost-efficiency for higher returns.

Efficient property management is the basis for good real estate returns. MEC provides the owner with all strategic and operative services from a single supplier – commercial, technical and infrastructural.

In the process, we develop and set (new) standards in an industry that has thus far been characterised by its limited uniformity. We naturally also ensure compliance with existing standards. Moreover, uniform contract documentation, whether for business procurement or for service providers, makes collaboration easier.

We always keep track of our customers’ costs, with the objective of reducing operating and maintenance costs; we increase economic profits through active control of service providers in the areas of facility management and energy, and by bundling orders to achieve economies of scale. We utilise statutory and contractual specifications as the basis for an efficient incidental costs assessment policy.

A customised dunning process is an essential component of our liquidity management service. An active receivables management system is also ensured, complete with payment monitoring and outstanding payments lists, all the way up to enforcement proceedings in court.