EASY – The MEC Energy Audit System

An energy audit analyses the energy consumption of a property and its technical systems. You benefit in two ways: through lower energy costs and greater sustainability.
It's easy to discover and take advantage of energy savings potentials in shopping centers and retail properties. Through our certified auditor with excellent industry expertise.

What are the benefits of EASY?

EASY Brochure
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• Systematic analysis of the energy consumption
• Competitive advantages as a result of sustained  lower energy costs
• Strengthening the sustainability of the property
• Improving cost-effectiveness, lowering of incidental costs

How it works
• Full energy audit specialising in retail parks / shopping centers
• German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV)-certified energy auditor
• Analysis and interpretation of the data
• Specific recommendations in the summary report

The result
• What can be improved?
• What should be invested and when does each investment pay for itself?
• The steps towards more sustainability at a glance

Full control
An additional possibility is the installation of a data measurement system which offers you many advantages:
• Transparency with respect to energy consumption, above all outside normal business hours
• 24/7 monitoring of the main forms of energy consumption
• Central data collection and analysis
• Ideally, free initial installation of the measuring  equipment