Clean, functional and a pleasant atmosphere – these are the basic quality criteria for shopping centers. Modern location management is amongst other things based on a transparent, sustainable, quality-oriented and scalable concept for FM services..

With FAME, a system for facility management, tendering, management and results control (Facility Management-, Ausschreibung-, Management- und Ergebnissteuerungssystem), MEC developed an FM standard that due to the clearly defined quality criteria ensures the consistency of the center management in cooperation with an FM service provider in the long run.

What makes FAME so special?

FAME has replaced the common and usually performance-oriented service range of FM service providers by a results-oriented range with more operator responsibility.

  • Services to be rendered are clearly defined and described using measurable results.
  • On the service provider's side there is one responsible operator for the technical and infrastructural FM services
  • The largest proportion of work such as technical maintenance, statutory inspections or removal of deficiencies is part of the normal operation procedures
  • The remuneration is conducted on a monthly basis and can therefore clearly be forecasted by the client as well as by the contractor.
  • Services which cannot be clearly defined with respect to their extent such as special cleaning or corrective maintenance are classified as additional services and are charged separately.
  • A consistent quality is monitored and ensured by means of a 4-step quality measuring system.
  • In cases of infringement, sanctions set out in writing can be triggered.

The quality standards and procedures specified can be easily transferred to other locations.